Kau Butcher Shop is dedicated to providing Greensboro and the surrounding community with the highest quality meat, which is all cut by our in-house butcher. We carry Black Angus USDA Prime Beef cuts, sourced from the highest-rated stockyard in the country, called Braveheart Farms. All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free.

In order to provide the freshest possible cuts, we do not overstock any item. Our goal is to always stock our mainstays, but they may sell out on occasion. You can place special order requests via phone or our website.

Kau Butcher Shop always keeps mainstay items stocked, and we suggest calling ahead to check on the availability of additional butcher shop items.



If you're looking to stock up on protein, you've found the right spot! The Kau Butcher Shop strives to be the best neighborhood market for Greensboro and the surrounding community, which means providing great customer service, the highest-graded USDA Black Angus Prime Beef, and, right now, offering more ways for families to have access to quality food they need at home. 

You can now order whole USDA Prime Tenderloin and whole USDA Choice Tenderloin in the Kau Butcher Shop, along with our regular list of expertly butchered items. Call for details.


The Butcher Shop is open

11am-7pm, 7 days a week

We'll deliver it right to your car