Kau is located at the base of the two Smoke Stacks on the Revolution Mill campus in Greensboro, NC. The simplest way to enter is Option #1, highlighted in blue: turn down onto Textile Drive off of Yanceyville Street from the traffic light at the top of the hill, park in one of the two parking lots, and cross either of the pedestrian bridges to our building. If you need front-door access, we suggest Option #2, highlighted in pink: turn off Yanceyville St onto Revolution Mill Drive to enter Revolution Mill campus. You will go on a long, slow loop around the building complex, until you've snaked all the way around to the base of the two smoke stacks. There, you will find parking spots in front of our building.

Kau has two entrances on the same face of the building: the one directly under the large Kau sign is the front door to our restaurant, and there is another door a couple steps away, which is the door to a butcher market