Natty Greene's Kitchen And Market Officially Opens In Greensboro

Author: Kandace Redd, WFMY

Published: 1:50 PM EDT July 25, 2017

Updated: 5:46 PM EDT July 25, 2017

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Natty Greene's Kitchen and Market officially opened its doors Monday morning.

"We're pretty excited," said Andrew Dudek, General Manager. "The Kitchen and Market has a butcher, baker, and we are the beer makers. Our in-house butchers make all the fresh meat and cuts for the day."

Kitchen and Market is an extension of the Natty Greene's brand. It features in-door and out-door seating with a capacity of more than 400 guests.

"I think everybody is driven by Revolution Mill for the past decade and have just watched the growth of this space, said Dudek. "We finally have a new restaurant here that just highlight the history of Greensboro."

Even though the restaurant is at Revolution Mill, you can find it directly off of Yanceyville Street and Textile Drive in Greensboro.

The restaurant offers an everyday menu with weekly big board specials.


2003 Yanceyville Street

Greensboro, NC 27405

Tel. .336.656.2410

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